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Stop press! There is a treatment that helps reduce fat and build muscle? And it doesn't involve surgery?

What is ESculpt and how does it work?

EMSculpt uses HIFEM  technology (that's high frequency electro-magnetic technology to you and me), which causes the target muscles (usually the abs or glutes) to  contract, and - get this - a thirty minute session equates to 20,000  situps or squats. Yes, you did read that correctly - 20,000 muscle  contractions in the space of just 30 minutes. That's probably more than I have ever done, let alone in the space of a lunch break.

The  EMSculpt machine also stimulates the lymphatics, resulting in the  removal of lactic acid, which means you won't get those horrible cramps  you sometimes get after a big workout. Bonus!

A belt is strapped  around the target area, and templates that are wired up to the EMSculpt  machine are inserted under the belt. Strong electro-magnetic pulses are  sent through this, into the muscles, making them contract and work  harder than any gym session could. All while you are lying down.

What’s the downtime after EMSculpt?

As if this treatment couldn't get any better, another benefit to EMSculpt  is that there's no need for anaesthetic and there’s no downtime, so you  can get right on back with your day - just with firmer abs or a more  toned, lifted bum. Great!

How soon do you see the results after EMSculpt?

You'll see some results right away, but for the best possible results,  practitioners suggest 4 EMSculpt sessions over the course of a couple of weeks. After this, most people notice a 19% reduction in fat. Not bad  for lying on a bed for 30 minutes!


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